A worrying situation calling for global reflection

As Tunisia faces the arrival of a new strain of Covid-19, preventive actions are even more essential to fight the epidemic. In the continuity of its action to raise awareness among players in the automotive industry in Tunisia on good everyday gestures in terms of hygiene and prevention, in particular to deal with the Covid-19 epidemic, a guide to good practices for the prevention against COVID-19 was developed by the TAA in coordination with the Direction Générale des Industries Manufacturières and the ISST under the aegis of the Ministry of Industry, Energy and Mines. This activity was carried out within the framework of the project “Employment partnership and support for medium-sized enterprises in Tunisia” supported by the Special Training and Employment Initiative – Invest for Jobs – of the Federal Ministry for Economic Cooperation and Development (BMZ) and GIZ. This guide will allow industrial establishments to optimally apply the health protocol inside and outside their entities. For more details, you can consult the content of the publication and the guide at the following link:

Guide to good health practices for the prevention of COVID-19 in the automotive industry

The consequences of the health crisis have been extremely penalizing and are continue, in particular for the industrialists in Tunisia following the example of what they undergo with the problems of the sector and the inflation of the raw materials. A situation which is worsening and which only reinforces the negative effects of a market which has become excessively globalized over the years and which the Tunisian automotive industry has suffered from the full brunt.

The profession is now worried about the ability of many companies to survive if nothing is done with the help of the government and those who make up the Tunisian industrial fabric. The TAA underlines that the development of the Competitiveness Pact for the automotive industry to which it contributed, led by the Ministry of Industry; and which remains to this day unsigned; is a comprehensive document that takes into account the expertise of the entire value chain, which is the sine qua non for building a vision that is ambitious, realistic and winning for all the players present on the ground Tunisian.

Once again, the TAA reminds us that it is essential to think and work with a broader vision and above all in consultation. Indeed, we count among the members of the TAA international groups which supply a globalized market. We have expertise both technically and in terms of attractiveness.

Our objective is therefore to contribute to maintaining a strong fabric of industrialists on Tunisian territory, also synonymous with jobs and value creation. But to do this, it is essential that public policy be defined in a concerted manner, respecting technological neutrality on the one hand and regulatory stability on the other. This is why we are committed to the initiative of this dynamic that we think to stimulate by inviting the parliamentary representatives involved in our subjects to come and debate with our members and hear our analyzes and feedback.

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