Membership of the TAA to the African Association Of Automotive Manufacturers -Aaam

The TAA continues to deploy its network for the promotion of the Tunisian automotive industry sector abroad.

Through its partnership with the VDA, since its creation and with the support of the GIZ, the TAA is now a member of the AAAM.


AAAM is an Africa-focused automotive association, Established in November 2015. It includes global automakers and original equipment manufacturers (OEMs)

AAAM’s goal is to work with African governments to unlock economic potential, promote the automotive sector across the continent and develop a network of actors committed to realizing the potential of the African automotive industry.

Our membership aims to develop relationships and networks between TAA and other African automotive associations and companies in the automotive industry (OEM and non-OEM) as well as to participate in the development of an African automotive strategy and to the establishment of an African automotive ecosystem and above all to strengthen Tunisia’s position in the African automotive ecosystem”

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