Pacte de Partenariat Public – Privé dans l’industrie automobile

A partnership pact between the public and private sectors (or 4Ps) in the automotive components industry was signed on July 6, 2022 as part of the conference on the national strategy of industry and innovation at the horizon 2035. The signing ceremony took place in the presence of the head of government, Najla Bouden.

This pact aims to develop the competitiveness of the automotive components industry by 2027, said the director of manufacturing industries, Fathi Sahlaoui, in a media statement. It is part of a participatory process between the public and private sectors bringing together all stakeholders in this area and within the framework of State policy aimed at promoting promising sectors.

This document aims to increase the volume of Tunisian exports of automotive components from the current 7.5 billion dinars to 14 billion dinars by 2027. At the same time, it also aims to create 60,000 additional jobs, thus bringing jobs in the sector to 150,000 in 2027 against 90 thousand currently.

In the medium term, the pact aims to attract investment to the manufacturing sector of electric and smart cars and to attract leading companies in this field as well as to increase the GDP of the sector from 12 to 22% and the rate of integration from 40 to 48%.

Other sector pacts, whose development is in the process of being completed, will be signed as soon as possible, according to Bouden. A sectoral pact relating to the textile and clothing industry, which covers the period 2019-2023, was signed in 2019.

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