Soutien à l’industrie automobile européenne face à la crise liée à la guerre en Ukraine

Press release

Support for the European car industry in the crisis related to the war in Ukraine

Due to the war in Ukraine that has significantly disrupted the activity of car manufacturers and suppliers, an emergency meeting was held on Friday, March 4 between several representatives of the automotive sector in Tunisia as members of the TAA (Tunisian Automotive Association), the Ministry of Industry, Energy and Mines, and FIPA TUNISIA.  The objective was to propose support actions for the European automotive industry, as well as temporary back-up, in order to minimize the impact of this crisis on supply chain and production line shut down announced by many car manufacturers.

Thus, a crisis group has been created, in order to be able to identify buildings ready to the establishment of ad hoc production units, recruitment of human resources, and to work on the facilitation of production transfer as well as logistics and supply chain. A single point of contact will be set up in the coming days to make available all the necessary information.

Support will also be set up for industries based in Tunisia to help them on the various issues inherent to this crisis


TUNISIAN AUTOMOTIVE ASSOCIATION is a Tunisian non-profit association created in February 2016 at the initiative of key stakeholders of the automotive components industry in Tunisia in order to promote exchanges, collaboration and synergy between companies in the automotive industry sector and to support the Tunisian authorities to develop and promote the sector in Tunisia.

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