The Bontaz Tunisia plant chosen by Volkswagen for a revolutionary project

Volkswagen, the car brand represented by Ennakl Automobiles in Tunisia, has chosen the Bontaz factory for its next project. The Bontaz Tunisia factory, located in Fouchana, will soon manufacture components for solenoid valves for the Tunisian automotive market.
The alliance of the German car brand and the French factory on Tunisian territory will bring a big plus. Engen in Tunisia. The production process will be carried out using 100% Tunisian skills. In fact, solenoid valves and their components are essential for all cars. Their manufacture in Tunisia will lead to the creation of jobs with high added value. It will also bring local production, reducing transport costs for Tunisian industrialists and even allowing export.
The decision is made following an audit on June 1 and 2 of Volkswa

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