African Association of Automotive Manufacturers (AAAM), l’invité d’honneur de la TUNISIAN AUTOMOTIVE ASSOCIATION

The visit of AAAM in Tunisia…
TAA had the immense pleasure of receiving Mr. David COFFEY, President of AAAM as well as Mrs. Victoria Backhaus-Jerling Manager of the VDA-AAAM project office in South Africa and Mr. Bernhard Mason-Kullin, Project Manager at of the AAAM.
An opportunity to introduce our guests to the automotive industry in Tunisia, its technological potential, the expertise and know-how of its human capital as well as the country’s competitiveness through its production sites and research and development centers affecting the entire automotive industrial chain. On this occasion we would like to warmly thank the members of our association for their warm welcome:

“Industrial Innovation Day was the perfect opportunity for AAAM and VDA to be exposed to the Tunisian automotive industry; the discussions highlighted the relevance of Tunisia as a competitive player in the rapidly changing automotive landscape. During our company visits, we were able to see the world-class component manufacturing and R&D capability that Tunisia has successfully developed. In addition, Tunisia invests significantly in training for the engineering and IT sectors. It was exciting to hear the support for Tunisia’s integration into the developing African automotive ecosystem. We are very grateful for the warm welcome we received and are very grateful to the Tunisian Automotive Association for including us in the IID and for coordinating all our company visits. We look forward to collaborating and growing Africa together.” Declares Mr. David COFFEY during his participation in Industry Innovation Day co-organized on November 23, 2022 by the TAA, AHK, WEVIOO, GIZ and Novation Cit


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