DRÄXLMAIER Tunisia: An international consecration for the automotive industry in Tunisia

The automotive industry in Tunisia was recently honored after the consecration of the Tunisian subsidiary of the German group DRÄXLMAIER, whose companies present in our country have been awarded the majority of the international group’s awards of excellence.

The companies of the group in Tunisia have won the majority of the prizes awarded by the group, in this case three prizes of excellence in the fields of digitalization, sustainable development and customer market orientation.

It was during the official ceremony held on January 19, 2023 at the head office of the DRÄXLMAIER group in Vilsbiburg, Germany, that the Chairman of the Board of Directors Mr. Fritz Dräxlmaier, the Vice-President and CEO Stefan Brandl, the CEO Jan Reblin as well as the members of the Board of Directors, honored the winning teams and particularly praised the efforts made by the various sites of DRÄXLMAIER Tunisia to achieve these remarkable achievements.

TUNISIAN AUTOMOTIVE ASSOCIATION would like to congratulate its member “DRÄXLMAIER TUNISIA” for these honorable achievements, wishing it more success in the years to come.


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