Focus on: Anis Ghilene, Plant Manager, Faurecia

Mr. Ghilene, could you introduce yourself?

I’m 41 years old. I have a background in electromechanical engineering.

I started my career from 2003 in the automotive sector in different companies namely Johnson Controls, Autoliv, Valeo and it will be almost 3 years since I have been at Faurecia and I have been Plant Manager since January 2020. I am responsible for all the industrial, financial and HR activities of the plant.

How did you approach the crisis within Faurecia?

First of all,

we must define what a crisis is: A crisis is a sudden transition from a stable and balanced state to a chaotic state. We lived in an environment that I define as “VUCA environment”, that is to say a very volatile, uncertain, complex and ambiguous environment. This is what the crisis represents for me.

-Immediately, you need to have a certain level of trust between you and your teams. It develops over time and it forms a base that has existed for a very long time.

–  2nd step:

You have to skip that. That is to say, you have to pass the course. You don’t have to find out who the culprit is.

Do not ask yourself:

  • why does this happen to us?
  • and where did we fail?

We must go beyond these ideas and think about finding solutions.

I always come back to the basis of trust.

I allow myself to use a quote from Dr. Stephen R. Covey who says: “Trust is the highest form of human motivation”.

All this to say that with trust you have highly motivated people. I established this climate of trust with my teams and I was playing my role as Coach even well before the crisis.

I observed how my teams achieved results, I also observed their behavior in terms of the communication system towards their teams and I constantly sent them my feedback. I adopted the same approach during the crisis.

An important point that I would like to add is that we have based our confidence on discipline. We also knew that regardless of our ignorance of the unknown, since we don’t know how things will turn out, that through our Self-Confidence and our discipline we will be able to face this crisis and we will manage it successfully.

I note that the work that was done during the crisis so that you could overcome this crisis is long-term work that belongs to your corporate culture.

Exactly, Faurecia’s values ​​are, exemplarity, transparency, respect and autonomy… All these values ​​which have existed for a long time have allowed us to receive frequent and successive feedback.

Since Faurecia is a member of the TAA, what are your expectations regarding this association?

TAA allowed us to bring all the companies together. It also allowed us to convey our concerns or the various problems encountered by companies during this difficult period.

The TAA has acted as an ambassador vis-à-vis public establishments, mainly at the level of the Ministry of Industry. I know that the TAA supports UTICA.

This association has always defended the interests of Tunisian companies and more specifically in the automotive sector.

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