Signing of the partnership agreement between VDA QMC and TAA

TAMA – Tunisian Automotive Management Academy proudly announced the signing of a new strategic partnership agreement with the Quality Management Center (QMC) of the German Association of the Automotive Industry (VDA)
TAMA was represented by Ms. Myriam Elloumi, Vice President of TAA – Tunisian Automotive Association, Ms. Henda Rekik, President of the Social and HR Commission of TAA, Ms. Mariem Mejri, Executive Director of TAMA, and Mariem Kamoun, PhD, Director of Training.
The Academy was established with the aim of providing quality training to individuals and businesses operating in the automotive sector in Tunisia.
VDA QMC, represented by Mr. Heinz Günter Plegniere and Dr. Yuliya Dr. Prakopchyk, is the reference organization responsible for defining standards used in the automotive industry within the German influence zone.

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