Industry Innovation Day 2022

Live from Industry Innovation Day 2022.
Intervention of M. Dave Coffey of AAAM – African Association of Automotive Manufacturers to present the major trends and strategic orientations of the international automotive industry with the participation of:
– Khaled Soussi, CUPRA
– Dr.-Ing. Adel Ben-Khaled, Nexans
– Nabil Nachi, Hyundai
– Norman Starke, German Federal Association for eMobility

– Victoria Backhaus-Jerling et Bernhard Manson-Kullin, AAAM
– Nabhen Bouchaala, President of TAA – Tunisian Automotive AssociationMyriam Elloumi, 2nd Vice-President, Sabri Brahem  and Fadl Aifa, members of the executive committee,, Lamia Gharbi,General secretary.

Thank you to our co-organizing partners : WEVIOOGIZ TunisieAHK Tunesien / Chambre Tuniso-Allemande de l’Industrie et du Commerce / AHK Tunisie and  NOVATION CITY

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