Industry Innovation Day: focus on Tunisia’s potential in the automotive sector

Industry Innovation Day, organized by the Tunisian-German Chamber of Industry and Commerce (AHK Tunisia) and the TAA, Wevioo & Novation City with the support of GIZ was held this Wednesday, November 23 and proposed a series of conferences and panels focused on the Smart Industry and the automotive sector. Two points emerge from the event:

the technological revolution in the automotive industry and the role that Tunisia can play in order to benefit from the various opportunities in the sector.

Nearly 200 players from industry, automotive and advanced technology met last Wednesday at Industry Innovation Day around key topics such as technological transformations and major trends in the automobile industry. The many international experts from France, Germany and South Africa as well as Tunisian industry players have thus mentioned new professions, innovations and new uses within the automotive sector

  • e-mobility, autonomous cars and industrial automation.

The challenges of technological transformations in the automotive sector

Nowadays, “65% of car components are software,” said Ibrahim Debbache, President of AHK Tunisia and CEO of Ennakl Automobile. We are now talking about electric or hydrogen cars, autonomous cars.

It is therefore necessary to adapt training for these new professions and prepare the appropriate infrastructure to be in phase with this technological evolution.

“The switch to electric motors is an opportunity to be seized to develop an appropriate industrial and service fabric and lay the foundations of a new ecosystem where electric mobility represents interesting opportunities. Hydrogen can thus represent a serious alternative to existing fuels (petroleum or gas), or even electric” added Mr. Nabil Nachi, representative of Hyundai. The latter also indicated that the challenge for Tunisia was to position itself as a producer of hydrogen in order to become an exporter of energy to other countries in the world.

The role of Tunisia in the technological transition of the automotive industry

“In Tunisia, there are 2 key sectors in the Tunisian economy: the automotive industry and the technology sector. We must continue to invest in R&D in these 2 sectors in order to be able to benefit from opportunities in terms of jobs and business” mentioned Mr. Mehdi Tekaya, CEO Wevioo.

For Jörn Bousselmi, Managing Director of AHK Tunisia, Tunisia must adapt to this new era of technological, energy and electrification transition which affects the automotive sector, a major provider of jobs. “Tunisia, which has the skills and know-how necessary to constitute a technological hub and experience, must take the measures and put in place the regulatory framework necessary to develop this innovative sector, he added.

Indeed, “no development is possible without regulation and support from the public authorities” insisted Nabhen Bouchaala, President of the Tunisian Automotive Association. In particular, he returned to the importance of the Pact for the Competitiveness of the automotive industry:

official agreement between the Government and the private sector, represented by the TAA in order to ensure the development of the sector and its stability.

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