Intervention of Mr. Sabri Brahem during the coaching tasting workshopsde M. Sabri Brahem lors des ateliers de dégustation coaching

The TAA is a partner of the Tasting Coaching workshops, because in the era of the crisis and major changes, Soft Skills have taken precedence over Hard Skills.

Coaching and support for teams has become essential and has enabled some companies to maintain their activity in a rather reassuring social climate.

Several speakers from the automotive industry spoke to explain their vision and their way of managing the Covid-19 crisis. Sabri Brahem moved from communication to Human Resources, he discovered that the limits of communication begin when you enter human resources because you have to manage people who have resources and you have to do it in an environment that believes in action.

Mr. Brahem shares with us his experience within Dräxlmaier and his way of managing and apprehending change and his vision of HR. “The changes and challenges faced by an HRD in the automotive industry, where Input does not correspond to Output.

We have the permanent concern to produce and satisfy the customer regardless of the conditions on the ground, to this is added the socio-economic, global instability, and comes the era of social and communication.

“Change management is the human task par excellence, because we manage change at every moment of our lives. Success is in turning change into opportunity. »

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