Interview Maître Mohamed Chorfi on the new agreement signed with the TAA


The firm of Maître Mohamed Chorfi is a business law firm. 

Created in 2006, the firm quickly advises major international behemoths and Tunisian companies in matters of investment law, maritime law and banking law. The firm supports its clients both in Tunisia and abroad.

What services does it offer?

The firm develops a great practice in terms of corporate (legal due diligence, legal secretarial work, etc.) and advice (complex legal arrangements) and business litigation and labor law.

The firm is heavily involved in the legal process of the creation of the company, its operation and its liquidation. In terms of law, the firm focuses on general business law, banking law, investment law and maritime law. In terms of business, the firm focuses on finance (banking and insurance, investment funds), maritime transport. The firm also believes in synergies with the legal departments of companies in their new role as a business function in the company and not just a support function. The firm strongly believes in the contribution and the role of the business lawyer as a business advisor who helps in decision-making and who would be a support for good corporate governance.

What services specific to the automotive industry?

Through the experience acquired in assignments and business related to the automotive industry, the firm has developed real expertise that can support the strategic challenges of companies in the sector, in this case services related to the legal security of the supply chain. , strong customer requirements, themes related to HSE, insurance issues, labor law, etc. In addition, all the legal services offered by the firm could respond to any specific problem related to the automotive industry.

What contribution does this agreement offer?

We can be an excellent legal partner specializing in business law with extensive experience with industrial companies in general and companies in the automotive industry in particular.

Through this agreement, we provide TAA with permanent and accessible legal advice. Through our involvement in research, we are at TAA’s disposal for discussions on new themes (artificial intelligence, digitalization of legal operations, trademarks, etc.) that could impact companies in the automotive industry in the development of their activity in Tunisia and abroad.

What do you expect from this collaboration with the TAA and its members?

I am honored and delighted to collaborate with TAA and I am convinced that strong synergies could be established with the association itself as well as its members and we remain at TAA’s disposal to offer a local service with great added value. legal.

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