Jemmal: DRÄXLMAIER Tunisia offers the first smart bus stop

February 03, 2023: As part of its social policy and its desire to be an active partner
its environment, particularly in the regions where its subsidiaries and business units are located.
production, DRÄXLMAIER Tunisia has today set up the first bus stop at
national solar-powered system, in the town of Jemmal in the governorate of Monastir, where
installed the most modern of its factories.

The bus stop, equipped with its own solar systems to generate sustainable energy, offers
citizens a resting place waiting for the arrival of the buses and at the same time a means to
recharge their smartphones via the USB ports available in the seats; the solar systems
also powers the built-in LED lights to automatically illuminate the stop during the
night .

Sustainable development and environmental protection are key elements of the
strategy adapted by DRÄXLMAIER, and therefore all its activities in this field are
focused on contributing to the creation of a sustainable environment that enables it to meet the
needs of future generations.

About DRÄXLMAIER Tunisia

Founded in 1958, the DRÄXLMAIER Group is a global leader in the OEM industry
automobiles specializing in electrical and electronic components,
batteries and exclusive interiors for premium cars. The group has more than 65 sites
in more than 20 countries and employs more than 72,000 people world wide.

In 1974, DRÄXLMAIER chose Sousse to make its first international outing.
Today, DRÄXLMAIER Tunisia has five production sites, four of which are dedicated to
manufacture of cable harnesses and a site specializing in interior products,
respectively established in Sousse, Mahdia, Monastir and Siliana with some 10,000 employees; A
number which places DRÄXLMAIER among the first employers in Tunisia.

Also, DRÄXLMAIER Tunisia has 4 Centers of Excellence which are based in Sousse,
where highly qualified engineers develop cabling systems and systems
electrical systems, offer IT solutions and support customer projects from
DRÄXLMAIER Group worldwide.

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