Kromberg and Schubert Béja brilliantly obtain the RSCI International Certifica

Béja on February 23, 2023, In an approach qualified as a First in
Tunisia and among the first in the world of its kind, the Kromberg company
and Schubert Béja, member of the Tunisian Automotive Association (TAA), obtains with
brio the International Certification RSCI “Responsible Supply Chain Initiative
which focuses on the degree of compliance with social standards by suppliers, the climate and
Social dialogue, working conditions, as well as the protection of the environment
in the supply chain of car manufacturers.

Thanks to the “Responsible Supply Chain Initiative” (RSCI) program, performance in
supply chain business sustainability
automotive is evaluated and its results are recognized worldwide in terms of
good corporate governance policies, social climate, freedom of action,
worker rights, worker participation in company activities,
health and safety at work, environmental protection and management of
supply chain.
This impressive achievement, achieved with a rate of 98%, is unquestionably
the result of the concerted efforts of the Company’s General Management through
the establishment of a healthy social climate and exemplary working conditions for a
share, but also the commitment of all employees and the deep roots
corporate culture in them.
On this occasion,  Tunisian Automotive Association presents its congratulations to its
company member of the executive committee for this honorable consecration. A real pride for
Tunisia in general and for the Béja region in particular.
Kroschu Beja, The Success Story!

About Kromberg & Schubert Tunisia
Kromberg & Schubert Béja is a subsidiary of the German Kromberg & Schubert Group, World Leader in the manufacture
wiring and harnesses for the automotive industry. The Tunisian subsidiary, founded in 2008 and managed by executives

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