Participation of the Tunisian Automobile Association in the French Fab Day in Algiers

Tunisian Automotive Association (TAA), represented by its Vice-President, Mrs. Myriam ELLOUMI, had the honor of participating in the third edition of the Industrial and Industrial Subcontracting Meetings organized by Business France as part of the French Fab Days. This event took place in Algiers and brought together key players from the French, Algerian, Tunisian, and Egyptian industries.

During her presentation, Mrs. Myriam ELLOUMI began by introducing the automotive sector in Tunisia and the activities of the Tunisian Automotive Association with the aim of sharing Tunisian expertise and promoting opportunities in the automotive sector in Tunisia, emphasizing the importance of public-private partnerships.

Mrs. Myriam Elloumi also called for the creation of an entity to represent the interests of the Algerian automotive sector, while expressing the desire for increased trade exchanges and the search for synergies to promote the automotive sector between Algeria and Tunisia.

Participation taa au French Fab Day à Alger

The event provided an interesting platform for participants to exchange ideas, explore potential collaborations, and discover the latest technological advancements in various industrial sectors.

The participation of TAA in the French Fab Days was a resounding success, creating concrete opportunities for partnerships and joint projects. Vice-President Myriam ELLOUMI expressed her satisfaction with this fruitful participation, highlighting the importance of such meetings for promoting the Tunisian industry in Algeria and fostering exchanges between Algeria and Tunisia.

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