Partnership within the framework of the FAST project

TUNISIAN AUTOMOTIVE ASSOCIATION  – TAA represented by its President Mr. Nabhen BOUCHAALA and the CDC – Caisse des Dépôts et des consignations, represented by its General Manager Mrs. Néjia GHARBI, signed today Monday, December 05, 2022, a partnership within the framework of the Automotive incubator project
“S-Drive”: the 1st Smart Automotive Open Innovation Accelerator Incubator.






This project will be led by the “TUNISIAN AUTOMOTIVE ASSOCIATION” thanks to its local network bringing together various multinationals and Tunisian companies operating in the industrial sector of automotive components, mainly for export and its exclusive partner “NOVATION CITY” which masters the start-up ecosystem. up through its various programs in Industry 4.0 and artificial intelligence.

The S–DRIVE program, funded by the French Development Agency (AFD), aims to incubate innovative start-ups that bring added value in the field of intelligent transport and to support young entrepreneurial talents in the start-up phase within of industrial companies member of the TAA.

This initiative is part of the automotive industry competitiveness pact signed with the Tunisian government and the TAA in July 2022 in order to boost the entrepreneurial ecosystem and contribute to sustainable growth in the sector.

About the TAA:
Tunisian Automotive Association is a non-profit Tunisian association created in February 2016 at the initiative of actors of the automotive components industry in Tunisia in order to promote exchanges, collaboration and synergy between companies in the automotive sector. automotive industry and to support the Tunisian authorities to develop and promote the sector in Tunisia. The association has more than 80 members between Tier 1 and Tier 2 manufacturers and its mission is to:

  • Stimulate the Tunisian Automotive industry (exports, local integration, development of human capital).
  • Develop and support all initiatives aimed at strengthening the sector (Training, Acceleration, innovation, etc.) assists all potential investors.
  • interested in the Tunisian automotive sector.
  • Represent the interests of its members, ensure effective Synergy between public authorities, private, national and international organizations.
    Contact: Mrs. Ines MOHSNI, Communication and Innovation Director of the TUNISIAN AUTOMOTIVE ASSOCIATION (

Novation City – Pole of Competitiveness of Sousse is a company (SA) of private law created within the framework of a Public-Private partnership in 2009 with the mission

  • The development, management and animation of a new generation of smart multi-sector industrial parks respecting international and environmental standards and providing services that meet the needs of investors,
  • The development of an innovation ecosystem in the mechatronics sector,
  • Supporting businesses and strengthening high value-added activities,
  • The development of an environment conducive to entrepreneurship and start-ups,
  • The development of the synergy between education, research and industry, as well as the transfer of technology and the development of skills,
  • The establishment and management of centers of excellence for incubators and start-up accelerator and services to companies in the sectors of specialization (industry 4.0, transport, digital)

Contact: Mr. Anas ROCHDI, Innovation Director of NOVATION CITY ( ).

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