Review of the 2nd Edition of the Industrial Co-development Forum

Tunis, June 13, 2023 – The Second Industrial Co-development Forum (FCI 2023), organized by Business France in partnership with the Tunisian Automotive Association (TAA), GITAS, ATIP, and ELENTICA, was held at the Regency Hotel in Gammarth. The event brought together 150 Tunisian industrialists and a dozen French companies with the aim of fostering partnerships and strengthening the industries of both countries.

Under the theme of collaboration between the two shores of the Mediterranean, FCI 2023 gathered Tunisian industrialists around French companies offering innovative solutions tailored to their specific needs. This initiative aims to contribute to the development of Tunisia’s industry and strengthen co-development between the two countries.

During the opening session, led by Mr. Michel BAUZA, Director of Business France North Africa, and Mr. Omar BOUZOUADA, General Director of the Agency for the Promotion of Industry and Innovation (APII), participants benefited from shared experiences of French companies with teams and subsidiaries in offshoring. Discussions focused on industrial investment, Industry 4.0 development, decarbonization solutions, and human capital challenges.

Prominent speakers in the panel discussion on Industrial Investments in Tunisia, Climate, and Prospects included Ms. Myriam Elloumi, Vice-President of the Tunisian Automotive Association (TAA), and Mr. Chekib Debbabi, a member of the TAA’s board of directors and General Manager of the Plastivaloire Group. Mr. Debbabi also serves as the President of ATIP (Tunisian Association of Plastics Industry). They provided their expertise and insights into the challenges and opportunities in the Tunisian automotive industry. Their valuable contributions generated significant interest among participants and enriched discussions on industrial co-development.

Additionally, Mr. Sabri Brahem, a member of the TAA‘s board of directors and HR Director of DRÄXLMAIER, was also present. He shared his extensive knowledge of human capital and investment as key drivers of industrial co-development. His valuable contribution facilitated the exploration of development prospects for the industry in Tunisia and offered innovative ideas to enhance Franco-Tunisian collaboration.

The Second Industrial Co-development Forum (FCI 2023) positions itself as a pivotal event aimed at boosting economic and industrial relations between Tunisia and France. With the active participation of thought leaders, this event provides a unique platform to explore new opportunities for collaboration and partnerships between the two countries.

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