Signing of the cooperation agreement between the Tunisian Automotive Association and Novation City

Tunis, May 5, 2023 – The Tunisian Automotive Association and Novation City have announced the official signing of their partnership for the establishment and implementation of the Open S-DRIVE automotive incubator project.

The contract was signed by Mr. Nabhen BOUCHAALA, President of the Association, and Mr. Hichem TURKI, CEO of Novation City, in the presence of Ms. Myriam ELLOUMI, 2nd Vice-President of the TAA, Ms. Lamia FOURATI, Member of the TAA’s Board of Directors and President of its Communication and Innovation Commission, Ms. Lamia GHARBI, General Secretary of the TAA, and Ms. Ines MOHSNI, Project Manager of the Open S-DRIVE project.

The Open S-DRIVE automotive incubator project is an ambitious initiative that is part of the FAST program, funded by the French Development Agency (AFD) and implemented by the Caisse des Dépôts et des consignations (CDC), with technical assistance from Expertise France. It aims to support the emergence of an innovative ecosystem and entrepreneurship in the automotive industry and intelligent mobility.

and intelligent mobility.

Thanks to this partnership, the Tunisian Automotive Association and Novation City will work closely together to support young entrepreneurs in the startup phase, aiming to strengthen the startup ecosystem. Subsequently, they will incubate these startups into industrial enterprises, thus promoting the model of open innovation through the promotion of these incubated startups on a national and international scale.

Nabhen BOCHAALA, President of the Tunisian Automotive Association, expressed his delight in this partnership with Novation City, stating, “We are confident that this partnership will be beneficial for both entities and for the automotive sector in Tunisia. Together, we can contribute to the creation of an ecosystem that fosters innovation and the growth of startups in the automotive field.”

Hichem TURKI, CEO of Novation City, also expressed his satisfaction in collaborating with the Tunisian Automotive Association on such an ambitious project. He said, “We are eager to contribute to the success of this project and to leverage our expertise and experience in supporting innovation and entrepreneurship in the automotive sector in Tunisia.”

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