The automotive sector in Tunisia: Situation & Prospects

“The Tunisian Automotive Association represented by its President, Mr. Nabhen Bouchaala, had the honor of participating in the webinar entitled “The automotive sector in Tunisia: Situation & Prospects”, on Thursday, May 20, 2021. #InvestInTUNISIA Agency FIPA, through its representation in Milan, organized in collaboration with Associazione Nazionale Filiera Industria Automobilistica (ANFIA) and the TAA The main objective of this webinar was to take stock of the state of the #automotive sector in #Tunisia and to discuss its perspectives, especially during the #postcovid period, in the presence of industry players. 

This webinar was opened by HE Mr. Moez Sinaoui, 

Ambassador of the Republic of Tunisia to Italy and honored by the participation of eminent speakers: Pierangelo Decisi, Vice President of ANFIA Components

 Group Abdelbasset GHANMI, Managing Director of Agence Invest in Tunisia 

– FIPA-Tunisie Nabhane Bouchaala, President of TAA 

Mourad Fradi, President of the Tunisian-Italian Chamber of Commerce Leaders of Italian companies based in Tunisia AEC SRL, Sage Automotive Group, 

Kab-lem SpA and Sparco were able to share their positive experience regarding the investment environment in Tunisia which favors their international development, while emphasizing the qualified workforce and Tunisia’s strategic location. 

This Webinar was a success bringing together more than 100 people »

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