The OneTech Group improves its profit by 55% in 2021 to nearly 40 million dinars

The OneTech Group improves its profit by 55% in 2021 to nearly 40 million dinars The OneTech group’s board of directors met on March 24, 2022 to review the group’s activity for the year 2021. Despite the persistence of a still difficult economic environment, the OneTech group experienced a significant recovery of its business and its overall operational performance.

Indeed, in 2021 the group recorded strong growth in consolidated sales of 26%, which reached 905 million dinars.

Although the global economy grew by 5.5% in 2021, this recovery has not taken place quietly. Between the shortages of certain components, the rise in the prices of raw materials and transport costs and the disorganization of the supply chain, the repercussions of the global crisis caused by Covid-19 are still being felt and the stagnation of the the Automobile symbolizes this well. The significant revenue growth of the OTH group was strongly supported by:

  • the implementation of an agile commercial and prospecting strategy that has transformed disruptions in the global supply chain into opportunities and takes advantage of the phenomenon of returning to closer sources of supply.
  • the development of our sales of mechatronic products on the US market
  • the implementation of a sector diversification strategy with the introduction of the medical sector and the strengthening of the industrial sector.

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