TICAD, the TAA participates in Side events

The TAA participates with the APII and the Ministry of Industry, Energy and Mines in the SIDE EVENTS on September 1 and 2, 2022.
The objective of this event is to support the post-covid 19 recovery of SMEs, particularly in the automotive and aeronautical component sectors and knowledge-intensive and high value-added promising sectors.

It thus aims to bring together all the actors involved in development in Africa, the transfer of green and low-energy technologies, water and resources from technology-providing countries to developing countries.

It will host award ceremonies:

  • The 3rd edition of the National Invention Competition.
  • The 1st International Championship of Invention and Scientific Research.
  • Artificial Intelligence Hack Tunisia
  • Automative Hack Africa

Inauguration of the International Exhibition of Invention, Research and Innovation TICAD EXPO

  • The best inventions, innovations, research participants in the final selection of the 3rd edition of the National Invention Competition and the 1st International Championship of Invention and Scientific Research
  • The best Tec Startups in the digital and digital sectors, health, renewable energy, green economy, environment, climate change, Health Tech, social economy, etc.
  • Companies in the value chain of the automotive and aeronautical components sector
  • National and international innovation support ecosystem

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