Webinar: the automotive industry sector in Tunisia

In the context of emerging from the Covid19 crisis, the choice of location takes on particular resonance for large international groups and their subcontractors. Tunisia has shown its strengths as a historical host country for many foreign investments, particularly for the automotive industry.

The INVEST in Tunisia agency, FIPA – Tunisie is organizing in collaboration with ANFIA and TAA a webinar on Thursday, May 20 at 11 a.m. (CEST time) to discuss the situation and prospects of the automotive sector in Tunisia. Thanks to high-level speakers, such as Mr. Moez SINAOUI, Ambassador of the Republic of Tunisia in Italy, Mr. Pierangelo DECISI, Vice-President of the ANFIA Components Group, Mr. Abdelbasset GHANMI, Managing Director of the Invest in Tunisia – FIPA-Tunisie, Mr. Nabhane BOUCHAALA, President of the TAA – Tunisian Automobile Association and Mr. Mourad FRADI, President of the Tunisian-Italian Chamber of Commerce, discover the investment framework and the opportunities!

You will also be able to learn more about the Italian presence in Tunisia thanks to the case histories of Mr. Alberto FOLCARELLI, CEO of A.E.C. SRL, Mr. Anis BEN TILI Plan Manager SAGE AUTOMOTIVE, Mr. Salvatore FAUGIANA, General Plant Manager KAB-LEM Tunisia and Mr. Claudio PASTORIS, CEO SPARCO

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